Uncategorized Local Market Update – July 2018 The local real estate market looks like it might finally be showing signs of softening, with inventory up and sales down. More sellers have opted to put their homes on the market. Inventory was up 47 percent in King County and price increases were in the single digits. Despite the increase in inventory and slowdown […]
Uncategorized Home Inventory Jumps, Demand Stays Strong.    New news: Inventory is finally up. New listings and total home inventory took a big leap recently. In King County, more people put their homes on the market in May than any May in the past 10 years. And the total number of homes for sale increased by 40 percent from a year ago. […]
Uncategorized Why High Home Prices And Rising Mortgage Rates Aren’t Stopping Sales   by,  Aly J. Yale , CONTRIBUTOR   Mortgage rates hit their highest point in seven years last month, and home prices have jumped 6.5% since mid-2017. On the West Coast, many cities are seeing double-digit gains in home appreciation. But somehow, home buying isn’t slowing down. In fact, according to the most recent Ellie Mae Origination Insight Report, […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – June 2018 Last month brought some long-awaited, positive news for buyers with May posting the most new listings in over a decade. Despite the uptick in inventory, most homes are selling in less than a month. Prices haven’t been impacted either, with the majority of the region continuing to experience double-digit home price increases. Eastside >>>Click image […]
Uncategorized Single-family home rents leveling off — and that could be good for buyers, too   By Mike Rosenberg  Seattle Times real estate reporter   Houses with yards and driveways aren’t just for homeownership: You might be surprised to know that 1 in 6 single-family houses across the Seattle metro area is actually rented out. Single-family home rentals are especially important for families who can’t squeeze into a 1-bedroom apartment but don’t […]
Uncategorized TWO SEATTLE COMPANIES HAVE BUILT THE SMART HOME OF THE FUTURE   BY: CHELSEA LIN | FROM THE PRINT EDITION | MAY 2018   Picture this. After a long day in the office, you park your car in the garage and before you enter your home, you click an “I’m home” button from an app on your smartphone, the doors unlock, and all the lights turn on. You enter […]
Uncategorized Eastside Market Review Eastside Market Review – First Quarter 2018 The Eastside Market Review is now available for the first quarter of 2018. Read the full report online by clicking the image below.
Uncategorized 114,000 more people: Seattle now decade’s fastest-growing big city in all of U.S. Seattle has topped the list again and has now surpassed Austin, Texas! It is the nation’s fastest-growing big city this decade. According to the Seattle Times, “the city’s population hit an estimated 725,000, gaining 17,500 people from July 1st, 2016 to July 1st, 2017. Our growth rate in that period – 2.5 percent – was […]
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